JJB Fencing can offer you affordable solutions to retaining works.

Boundary Fencing can become costly if there is retaining work to be carried out. Especially if you have had a storm damaged fence as the insurance companies do not always cover you for the retaining work.

Colorbond does not retain sand or soil and will void the manufacturers warranty if installed incorrectly and buried in an attempt to retain the ground. This may lead to rust damage and the untimely replacement of the fencing required. JJB Fencing has a number of systems which can hold low levels of retaining often saving huge expenses of having limestone blocks laid.

Timber Plinths provide a rustic look and work well for the budget conscious. This system can retain unto 200mm of sand.

Steel Plinths are designed by the manufacturer of the steel privacy fencing to fit flawlessly within the fence line. The profile is thicker than the standard fencing sheets and therefore can withstand the weight of the soil without compromising the fence. This system is another cost effective way to overcome retaining problems in the boundary line and can hold retaining of up to 500mm with the use of 65sq box posts.

Concrete Post and Panel Retaining is a cost effective and compact form of retaining useful where there is no access for machinery and can be installed by hand. This method is popular for situations where a higher mm of retaining works are required, or where the retaining work cannot be incorporated into the fence line. For example Hardie fence. This product can retain from 300mm up to a maximum of 1200mm of ground by hand. Although at the latter end of this spectrum Limestone blocks maybe the best solution for you especially if you have access for machinery. Contact us for advice and obligation free quotation to see what JJB Fencing can do for you.

Limestone Walls

If you have anything from small garden beds to large amounts of ground work to do Limestone block walls will give you the best long term finish for your property, extremely popular in WA, they offer the best value long term, are very low maintenance and provide a perfect foundation for colorbond or infill panels and piers.

Walls and Frontage packages.

JJB Fencing can design and build your frontage for your home or business. Whether you want us to do the entire job from start to finish, to save on stress and organising different contractors, never being sure of the quality of the workmanship. Or if all you need is the final panels and gates to finish off the security and look of your home. Including limestone walls, with or without piers, rendering and texture coating, slat or tube infill panels, incorporating automatic sliding gates and single access gates. Just give us call.

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