Frameless Glass on Spigots

Frameless glass on spigots is the most popular choice for pool fencing. Using 12mm toughened glass heat soaked panels and 316 stainless steel spigots this style is tough, high quality and looks the best, all our glass can be frosted or tinted upon request and we have different styles of spigots to suit the style of your home.

Stand Off Pins

The newer style of fixing which has a more minimalist look compared to other types of fixing which appeals to the more contemporary eye. The look from the internal will show no fixings and it will be as if the glass is suspended on its own in the air. The look from the external will show 4 small neat stainless steel fixings This style is most popular for use on balustrades or on stair cases and voids.

Semi Frameless

Semi Frameless glass has Aluminium or stainless steel posts in-between each panel that the glass slides into. A slightly more classic feel for those who may want to match up to existing work, have the assurance of the rigidity with zero gaps between panels.


JJB Fencing has a range of handrails that can be fitted to make your balustrade WA compliant. Stainless steel is a popular choice as it compliments the fixings and premium look of the glass, however we also use timber such as jarrah for a more traditional look, we can also install with out handrails if you would like to install your own.

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